Receta Facilísima para bizcocho-pastel-torta de San Valentín

The day of love is just around the corner. I leave here an idea of ​​a cake-cake for this day.

To make this cake we will make two separately. First the red velvet cake that is very popular in the United States. I use the box, for a matter of time and know rich, but if you want to see the recipe step by step, it is here , if you like the gluten-free recipe here .

Follow the instructions but do not decorate it. When it is cold, with a heart-shaped cookie cutter cut the whole cake. WITH THIS STEP YOU CAN HELP CHILDREN.

The other cake is a basic one with the recipe that you like, in the mold where they are going to bake it, they place the hearts and go back to the oven. This can also be done with cupcakes.

The decor is to your liking. No decoration looks good because the heart is already inside.