Factura de Cumpleaños para un niño de 5 años

It’s no joke gentlemen!

Let’s do the short story. Alex is 5 years old, when his dad was checking his backpack, he found a $ 24 bill (£ 15.95) for not attending a birthday party.

As uncanny as it sounds, Julie (the birthday mother, Charlie) sent Tania and Derek (the parents of the child who was NOT at the party) a bill for the cost of not having arrived. Tania and Derek confirmed that Alex would go and that is why Julie was very personal, but the crux does not stop there …

Julie sent and handed the invoice to the teacher who in turn put it in Alex’s backpack – they already fucked the teacher, the invoice was sent in the name of Alex’s parents and the sender is “Ski Slope “, Who in turn say that they never issued the bill because to begin with they do not know the attendees of the holidays.

The thing gets hairy, when Derek gets like beast and appears in the house of Julie to complain.

Then I ask, who is wrong?

I agree that when you have a party, ideally, you should know how many guests you have. Répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP) Please respond as well or more cordially and directly the question? Alex’s parents confirmed their attendance. The mother of the party talked with them a few days before and they confirmed it again.

I also agree that if the party is away from home, you need to confirm the total number of guests to avoid unnecessary expenses and keep in mind that parties outside the house come out very affectionate.

But I also know that anything can happen and sometimes even if you confirm, you can not follow the plans to the letter. I also know that some parents are leaving the plane to my not ok! 😉

It makes me very bad taste to bill someone for not attending, I think if you both hurt that $ 24 you should not have a party in a place like “Ski Slope”. And if I understand that it is cagante that they leave you waiting but really it is not worth starting a commotion and above putting to the school.

On the other hand, and to be a devil’s advocate, if I want to say that it seems fatal to me that Derek has appeared at the birthday party to make such a bochinch. The house is sacred and no one has the right to disturb your peace there.

Tania (mother of the invoice) looked for Julie after Derek got in the way, first very cute tells him that there is no need to argue, but then he changes the tone and continues sending merfolk messages on the same subject … mmmhhhh, harassment ? I think so.

The discussion of the fine ladies, obviously ends badly. And also leave very badly to the teacher (for being a messenger) and “Ski Slope” already made statements to dismiss the issue. And in the end, the most harmed are Alex and Charlie that although their friendship goes beyond the $ 24, they are already more fucked up than anyone. The other mothers of the other children in the class will now tread carefully around this pair.

What do we learn from this billing story?

“Sometimes the messenger pigeon is very badly stopped.

“Do not commit to doing something you can not do.

-Don’t spend money you do not have.

“You will not fuck your neighbor in his house.

-When you invite (or dis), do it because you are born. Not for the gift or to look good.

In case you wonder why Alex did not come to the party, it’s because he was walking around with his grandparents, private pachanga 🙂

For my part, I tell you that a couple of years ago the Boy and I were invited to a very pompous nuptials in a Caribbean resort and if for some reason you did not stay at the resort you had to PAY FOR THE WEDDING. Yes sir, as you read it … .. that is already fabric for another post o_O

And you who think of the birthday with billing?

4 años

On March 30th at 7am we arrived at the hospital, we still had 5 weeks to meet you, but you decided that the time had come.
The hours passed slowly and you had us in suspense. Night came, your aunts and grandmothers went home because everything seemed to stop. Dad and I were left alone.
Your patient father would take me to the bathroom the hundred thousand times I “felt that I wanted to urinate”, he would accompany me to the shower and massage my back. Boy never lost his smile. As at 3am the pain became intense and I asked for an epidural. It was too late, you came with all the strength and desire to see your presence. A little before 5 the pains were too much and your father put on gloves (instead of looking for the doctor). At 5am you arrived, with a single cry you let your presence be noticed.
Unlike the arrival of your brothers where my parents and sisters were, you arrived in the middle of doctors. From before you were born, we knew your heart was different.
Your dad loaded you and brought you to my belly and then to my chest. I loved you even more. Boy you cut the cord and then they took you.
When you came back, we had good news. Even though you came earlier, you were strong and everything looked good.
You had passed almost all the exams and if after a few days we would go home together.
Since M1 and MP knew you, they loved you. M1 is the best brother, he is always watching for you. MP thought you were a doll.
A few days later everything changed … I could make a long list of what the doctors predicted. I could make another list of your diagnoses. But nothing was written in stone and you are marking the pace of your life  step by step
Today I will not talk about it, today I will tell you how proud I am of you. Each day you teach us more and every day you only impose new challenges.
Nine months ago we started a new treatment, and thanks to your strength, today you are healthier than ever.
Every step, every look, every word, every smile, we have celebrated the great. But I want you to know that in the last two months you have left us all open-mouthed. You’re a big boy already!
Hace dos meses que hablas como un lorito, entiendes todo e interactuas con nosotros. Has aprendido a hacer chistes y tu risa es un sol. Tus oídos han mejorado mucho y escuchas casi todo (aunque a veces te hagas).
Quiero que sepas que ahora caminas con ambos pies bien puestos sobre la tierra. Dice M1 que tu cuerpo ya está aprendiendo sobre la gravedad, jajaja. El cambio en tu cuerpo es increíble. Ya puedes estirar el brazo izquierdo, y haces  diabluras con el. La semana pasada te dieron una inyección de botox en la muñeca, SÓLO UNA!! Cuando empezamos eran 32 en piernas y brazos.
Ya puedes comer sólo con cuchara y cada disfrutas más de la comida. Te encantan las sopas y el pan (me recuerdas a mi abuelito), tu fruta favorita es la mandarina y les dices CUTIES. Ya bautizaste como Cutie a la abue porque es quién siempre te trae mandarinas.
Has empezado a ir a la guardería y te encanta! Cada día que pasas allá, no sólo aprendes si no que también entiendes.
Llevas dos semanas avisando cuando quieres ir al baño y 3 días seguidos sin pañal.
Sigues sin dormir, y eso es lo único que nos tiene de cabeza, pero hasta eso lo hemos aprendido a sobrellevar porque todo se puede.
Llegaste antes de lo esperado, y tienes un genio dulce como el de tu papá y a veces uno de la fregada como el mío. Y es que lo que se hereda no se hurta.
4 años se fueron volando, hemos pasado muchos días en hospitales pero todo ha sido para hoy festejar estos logros.
En cuatro años hemos recorrido mucho camino, pero es sólo el principio. Nos falta mucho por andar y entender. Nos sigues enseñando que querer es poder.
TODAY WE CELEBRATE 4 YEARS OF ACHIEVEMENTS. TODAY I am happy that I can understand that everything happens for something, nothing is written in stone and that makes way when walking.
Happy Birthday Monkey teddy bear! Thank you for being the one who pushes me and guides my steps. Thank you for walking hand in hand with me and for allowing me to be your mother. We are still a long way away and things will only get better. I love you!
I leave you this  letter that Uncle J wrote after you were born. 
Thank you my love!
*** sorry for the lack of consistency in the letter and format, I am writing from the mobile ***

Treinta años

novio, y si no ni modo.

Hace 10 años, mis novios eran los personajes de los libros que leía. Los amores platónicos eran lo mío y ese tipo de amor irreal me venía bien.

A los 21 conocí a Chico y me enamoré de sus ojos tan profundos que en menos de lo que canta el gallo ya estábamos casados (la historia de ese amor, se merece un post aparte). Cuando nos casamos, nuestro plan era esperar al menos 10 años antes de tener hijos.

Las cosas no siempre son como una las planea, pero siempre son como tienen que ser. Hoy cumplo 30 y no estoy dando cátedras universitarias, soy mamá de tres y el amor es real.

Muchas veces escucho de personas que “sacrifican” sus carreras o vidas. Yo me lo planteo diferente. Cuando me convertí en mamá seguí trabajando y no fue hasta hace cuatro años que dejé de trabajar completamente.

Tengo 30 años y mi plan original ya no existe, pero la vida que estoy construyendo de la mano de Chico y lo que vamos sembrando para nuestros hijos se ha convertido en un plan que cada dia cambia. Yo sigo siendo yo, una mujer, un individuo que no es extensión ni depende de su esposo e hijos (ni viceversa). Sigo siendo yo, pero el tiempo y mis vivencias me van dando formas nuevas.

Nunca creí que tendría hijos antes de los 30, y tengo tres. Y hoy me siento super afortunada de tener la vida que tengo. Soy afortunada de estar cerca de la gente que más amo y de poder apreciar cada acto de amor que ellos tienen conmigo. Soy afortunada porque puedo apreciar lo que tengo y lo que no también.

Hoy cumplo 30 y aunque lejos del plan original, me siento completa y feliz. Tengo un esposo loco y maravilloso que es mi compañero de aventuras y mi alcahuete. Mis monkeys son un motor increíble que da fuerzas y alegrías. A pesar de que M3 tiene un cuadro médico complicado sus logros pesan mucho más que cualquier cosa. M1 es un ser mágico con un corazón de oro y M2 es en verdad única y maravillosa. Tengo a mis padres y hermanas que son mis raíces, ahora tengo también un sobrino que me roba el corazón con su sonrisa.

Tengo amigos que conocen lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo de mí y se han quedado aquí. Ahora cuento con amigas virtuales y otras ya no tanto que voy conociendo con la ventana de los blogs, gracias!

Mi cuerpo, mi cara, mi genio han cambiado pero cada cambio ha sido un crecimiento. De las caídas me he levantado y aprendido.

La vida no es color de rosa, el chiste es apreciar la obra de arte que nos tocó vivir con todos sus colores y tonalidades.


Llego al tercer piso muy distinta de cómo era yo hace 10 años, y yo feliz. El cambio siempre es bueno.