Mega Fiesta de Halloween

Thinking about how we were going to spend the afternoon evading things that annoy M3. M1 was Mario, Luigi’s M3 and the Mermaid Kukla.

The party was in the Kukla school, and although it is a school with “few” students, they are still 200 children with their respective families. The pachanga started at 6pm and in Chicago at that time it is getting dark, it was also disguise.

M3 to used disguise in the previous years, we went out to ask for candy but he never let go of the boy’s hand or mine. In the past, we have avoided going out too late or going through very scary houses. Our neighbors know that M3 is on the spectrum and never fail with their details (we are very lucky).

So the five of us were going to unknown land. The first step was to interrogate with the other parents how the revolú was. Everyone agreed that they were not allowed to be afraid, but that if they turned off the lights. This year’s theme was “Alice in Wonderland”, ugh! goodness.

At 6 we got to school, and walked half a block. The boy charged M3 to the entrance and the solito asked to put on the mustache of the disguise (YAY !!) Let us take a photo and smile from ear to ear. When we arrived at the door, the Queen of Hearts welcomed us … “today I will not ask for any head” and M3 began to ask “head? Of what? Why? For what?” , Let’s all is always taken very literal, so began to walk with a hand on the neck in case the flies.
We started the parade down the corridor and there was the river of people, I went down to tell M3 that everything would be fine and I smile. He did not release his hand but he encouraged himself to walk and reach out to receive the candy. We met witches, cats, Luke Skywalker, and about 40 girls dressed as Elsa.
The Boy was coming forward, and suddenly the witch of Oz appeared to offer sweets, he gave his hand to M3 and that unexpected touching won us tears. The boy charged M3 and explained that everything was fine, mistrusted M3 continued until we got to a table to paint, there sat down and stayed there for about an hour, painting carefully not to get dirty anything.

No le quitábamos la mirada, estábamos fascinados de ver que todos los pequeños progresos de M3 estaban siendo utilizados en el día mas loco del año y sin mayor percance. Había una niña sentada frente a M3 que gozaba de embarrarse con todo y M3 estaba espantao, así que decidió que era mejor emprender la retirada.

De regreso nos encontramos con un zombie y lejos de asustarse, no dejaba de preguntar si no le daba asco estar sucio. Unos pasos mas adelante estaba Blanca Nieves con todo y pajarito en el hombro y eso le causó terror. Lloró un poco, pero se calmó cuando nos cruzamos con otro Mario.

La fiesta culminaba con un laberinto en el patio (a oscuras) para buscar al Gato Cheshire creepy, y a M3 simplemente no le agradó la idea. En ese momento, llegó SUPER MARIO al rescate, le aseguró a Luigi que era una misión para atrapar a Koopa. Luigi no convencido del todo se quedó parado, hasta que la sirena le dijo que ella también iba “si fuera miedoso yo no iría”. Luigi entró de mano de la sirena y Mario iba por delante cuidando de ellos.

El Chico y yo nos quedamos muertos de orgullo y ternura afuera.

It was a successful night, we not only overcome the montonera and the darkness but also we learned of the majors. The patience, love, empathy and understanding they have developed leaves us mute and with a thousand hearts. Friday 31 was another story …. but that’s for tomorrow that this mom is like a frog (haha)

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