Liebster Award 2

The same day of my FIRST PRIZE, comes the second and again from hands of Blue CelesteMrs. Surprise , thank you very much for praising me and for having me patience in this fastest world of the internet.

Here my answers (it helps us getting to know each other better):

  1. About the blog: It’s  still a baby blog. I would love to someday be like  Azul Azul  or  Señora Desmadres  , but I know I’m missing a lot. I am also new to Twitter, and I’m lookingmore time to count more. I am very happy to see that people in many places read me J
  2. About my day to day:  House, schools, hospital, therapies, schools, therapies, home. Much of our family time is in the car or in waiting rooms. At home it’s breakfast, cole duties and dinner.
  3. Something personal:  I do not like being touched without warning. Proximity makes my hair stand on end, so I avoid montoneras.
  4. A mania:  When I speak, I tell a story and before I finish it I started two more.
  5. One flaw:  I’m super angry.
  6. The things that make me happy from day to day:  The satisfaction of duty fulfilled. Knowing that even a crazy life, we are moving forward. The things my children say and imagine.
  7. The things that make me unhappy from day to day:  People who are not grateful, negativism, and people who wish evil to others.
  8. A wish:  Take my children from Chicago to Quito by car.
  9. An unspeakable secret:  I am badly spoken in South American Spanish, Mexican Spanish and English. And speaking of Mexico, that double meaning and albur I have 100%
  10. And to finish saying …. I love what I’m reading and learning from other parents, thanks for accommodating me too.

The prize goes to:

  1.  Mother’s Agobios
  2. Leze-Ser Mother
  3. Erika Cebreros
  4. I am Latiñola
  5. Norma Mora
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