Lección de sala de espera.

Right now I’m in the waiting room of the hospital, I see around me and the anguish in the face of the parents is inevitable.

As parents, we do not want ANYTHING to happen to them, but sometimes it happens and can be as minimal as a tonsil or something much more delicate like the heart or brain, and regardless of the seriousness of the matter, saying goodbye to a child going to the OR is Sad, that I can say with certainty because it has been our turn to say goodbye to M3 many times .
Today we are waiting for M1, it is a very fast operation, with low risk of complication and also hand of the team of doctors who have operated to M3 in 6 occasions. The chief surgeon is absolutely confident and we know we are in the best hands. When we left the house, we did it safely, when we said goodbye to M1 we did with a kiss, a hug and even a joke. Today there were no tears or uneasiness, everything will be going well, as always.
To appreciate the sun we must have darkness, and today thanks to all these goodbyes of operation, we could do without a tear.
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