Halloween y autismo

He put on the pumpkins (and they were divine! Eye with the eyelashes of Kukla’s pumpkin) and I have not yet put the altar of dead and not talk about the cookies!

Between the runs of school runs to school to college, therapies and extra curricular, the days are missing hours BUT wherever we take the time to be able to do everything we have to do.

The monkeys love Halloween and are already ready for the respective chocolate empache. However, this year things will be different. M3 is already four years old and ready to go “trick or treat” without having to hold Mom’s hand all the time.

His disguise is ready for everything and so is he but this year we are going to a big party and I know he can get out of control. M3 is on the autistic spectrum and so far we have always had total control of the houses we wear and the sweets they give.

Today is the party and it will be different because I have no control over the noise, the pile of people, the light or the people who will want to touch the dwarf.

I already did the respective task and found out everything, we are going to throw to our first Halloween party in big! Today, Chico and I are going to miss a VIP invitation that we have been waiting for and we exchange everything for a treat or trick with 200 children.

May God catch us confessed, that Darwin fish us with the best rational resolution and that we can enjoy the party as it should ­čÖé

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