Halloween-pedida de dulces

Flooded one of the main roads. And there I was, stuck two hours with waves in a month and a few meters and M3 dressed Luigi frightened but not able … There we were more than an hour and nothing that we were advancing, I could not get through the Kukla to school, I He came back on the school bus and it took him almost two hours to get home.

By the time we (at last) we were all at home it was 5pm and the worst wind, a combination of snow and ice fell fast … We were able to convince the children to stay at home.
We were very quiet until one of the neighbors called to say they were waiting for us. We sheltered the children and left, they are only 3 houses away and the neighbor had prepared special bags for each child. His house was decorated very nice and when we went back he told us that several neighbors were waiting for us. Those who waited for us remembered that M3 is on the spectrum and that the Kukla has allergies, had prepared special bags and also had turned off the noises of their houses and had turned on the lights for us to know.
A total of four houses, a horrible wind that frightened M3 and Chico greatly and for me a perfect feeling of affection.
We live in a street where nothing ever happens, where we almost never see the neighbors and where there are no more children. Said Mark (the inciting neighbor) that the monkeys reminded them of their own grandchildren. He knows that M3 has some difficulties and without breaking privacy took care of preparing others.
How beautiful is the beautiful, how beautiful are the good and sincere people.
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