DIY Botellas Calmantes

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Water Bottles (remove label)

-Green Glue / Glitter Glue / Glitter glue   4 ounces

– Powder Frost / Powder glaze  as much as you like (we use a “about” boy)

-Valentine jewels and gems (plastic, not grandmothers) to taste

– Silicone gun (This step does not help the boys)

Step 1. Throwing a splash of water  is specific with the creatures, I was not and MonkeyPrincess threw it on the floor  , like the equivalent of a non-thirsty drink.

Step 2. Empty the rubber / glue into the bottle with water

Step 3. Empty the glitter / frost

Step 4. Add the jewels.

Step 5. Close the bottles tightly and seal the cap with the silicone. Keep it well covered. (ADULT)

Step 6. Shake, shake it !!

Menea, menaelooo !!!

The bottles look divine, the best thing is that the boys entertain them a lot to see how the frost / glitter and the jewels move. The glitter and the jewels take about 3 minutes to fall to the bottom and it is a quiet time for all.

I do not put Katabum stamp  on  the project because the idea is not mine. This DIY I learned at a meeting of therapists I attended a few months ago. I hope you like it.

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