Cuando llueve, llueve

Lost World 2.0 for a few weeks back to greet and tell you where it was.

In March, I had a ruptured appendix. The reason I came to the hospital “a little late” is the same reason many of you will have. At what time can we get sick? And the rest?
I spent 3 days enduring what I thought was a colic, and I ended up in surgery. The doctor recommended the typical “much rest” (insert sound of laughter here). The surgery was a bit abnormal because my abdomen has internal scars from previous surgeries (which by not caring for me, they opened). In short, two months passed and again to the hospital …
This time I do not require surgery, but I do rest and medicine for pain. Aha, that leaves you KO so half conscience and with pain I have already spent several weeks. Again, do not lift anything, do not stress me … All that for a mom is very complicated to do. 
Then, between the pain relievers and not being able to walk right, and damn flu, I have lost of this 2.0 world that I like so much. 
In itself it was very difficult to keep up with Twitter and blogs (between managing and dating M3), now that I have much to match.
The water, chicken soup, blankets, alcohol disinfectant, patience care and love of the Boy are helping me to have a primordial recovery.
It rains and seems not to fall, the good thing is that the sun always comes out and paints rainbows 🙂
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