We have opted not to see news in front of the children because there is never anything good, it is not a matter of covering the finger with one finger but if reality does not crush them.

On Thursday, MonkeyPrincess learned about what is happening in Ukraine. In his school there are several Ukrainian children and in their families they have suffered losses by the conflict that that country is living. The truth is that the Kukla has not paid much attention to the subject, but M1 was with me picking up the Kukla and saw several parents cry. That day he did not ask for anything, but there was a lot of silence.

Yesterday Friday M1 stayed to play at a friend’s house, the friend has big brothers and when the children were watching TV, they put a video of what happens in Venezuela and another of Ukraine. The big peeps had a conversation about it and the dwarves heard everything . When I got to look for M1, he asked me about his friend V who is in Venezuela. She burst into tears, wondering if she was all right. I showed him a picture of V and he calmed down but the questioner started, he wanted to know what was going on.

He did not want to evade the subject but wanted to find the best way to give him an answer without frightening him. I asked him if he knew what freedom of speech was, and he said yes but no. I explained that it is a right to think differently and to be able to make that feeling public. That we had the right to speak of any subject with respect and without violence. I told him that sometimes the rulers do not see well that people do that and they tried to silence them, and sometimes when that happens people get tired and protest in groups to be heard. He also knows what an electoral process is, because he has lived many years by now.

M1 wants to know because if it’s a right, there are people killing people. I got a lump in the huge throat and did not know what to answer. I could only say that when things hit bottom and people were tired of waiting for a change, change is sought and that sadly the road to change can be painful and violent. How can I explain to my 7 year old that the stories of freedom were forged with blood? I could not because we are teaching that violence is never justified.

The only thing I could say to M1 is that protesting is sometimes necessary, that questioning is not bad and that support for other people is valuable . What I could assure you is that there is a great value in the union, because the union makes force.

My child went to bed crying and I was heartbroken. It is not worth mentioning what I think about right or left, because it is irrelevant. What I do think I have to mention and as a mere opinion is that the people against the people is not right. That all the students who go out to protest are cannon fodder for both sides in any country, that there are people on both sides who are in charge of exaggerating, delinquent and obscuring to make others look bad. That oppression can not go far because people stop. A brave people can with everything, of that there is no doubt because I have lived it.

Finally, I leave this video of the movie “Your Excellency” 1966, starring the great Cantinflas. 48 years ago the speech for the “rulers of the world” comes to the forefront of the global situation.

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