Will wear blue and for one day autism will be a central theme.

This post does not go to explain what autism is. Some time ago I wrote A post and I think that out there I am covering my point of view on the spectrum.
This post is a call to awareness on a sensitive topic. Autism is not taboo, it is not a medical invention and is not spread by vaccines.
The severity of autism is as diverse as the inhabitants of the world. Families of autistic children do not expect grief, we do not expect them to get in our shoes, but we do expect respect.
Respect to understand a real condition, respect for inclusion and above all respect for upbringing.
M3 is on the spectrum, and although I was told that the vaccines were the culprits I want to tell you something. Matías CAN NOT use all vaccines because he has immunodeficiency.
I do believe in vaccinating my children and offering them a life with less risk of illness … That’s what I told you in this post.
M3 is a case of thousands and is not like any. Every child is a world. Find out, and respect. Hakuna matata, that’s all.
** Photos are all from Google images **
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